Company Valuations

You need a valuation of your company? We offer an independent calculation of the value of your company based on proven valuation practices

The valuation of a company should always begin with a detailed analysis of the company. This covers the economic setting, the sector and the company to be valuated itself. Financial data such as sales, EBIT and free cash flows form the starting point for the quantitative forecast of the future performance of the company to be valuated. The valuation methods applied, e.g. multiples, capitalised earnings or discounted cash flow method, depend on the sector, company and lifecycle phase. Apart from purely financial data, information on the management, employees, products or technology, customers, etc. are included in the analysis.


Our advisory services include:

    • Company valuation for purchase/sale of shares
      • Company valuation for venture capital / private equity transaction
        • Company valuations for IPOs
          • Company valuations when shareholders join/leave
            • Company valuations for mergers
              • Fairness opinion for company acquisition


              KP TECH offer an independent calculation of the value of your company based on current standard methods, also separately from an M&A, IPO or VC mandate.

              Negotiating a purchase or sales price that is acceptable to both the seller and the buyer is crucial to the success of a corporate transaction. It goes without saying that the buyer and the seller have different ideas about the amount of the company valuation and the purchase price, and have to find a common basis for negotiation. In the case of different ideas as to price a well-founded company valuation is an elemental prerequisite for closing a transaction successfully. Furthermore, the valuation represents an important argumentation aid when negotiating the contract. We provide the client with a useful argument in the form of a comprehensive company valuation.