Initial Public Offering

You are planning an IPO to finance the further growth of your company?

An IPO is a unique, highly complex process. Every IPO offers multiple opportunities, but also entails considerable risks, for example a too high/low issue price or a complete failure. Entrepreneurs without practical experience with an IPO come up against professionals on the bank side. KP TECH Corporate Finance is wholly owned by its management and has no conflicts of interest as is the case, for example, when consulting companies are associated with banks.


Our IPO consulting services are modular in structure and include



Post IPO

  • Checking suitability for flotation
    • Analysis of market/ competition
    • Analysis of financials/ planning
    • SWOT analysis
    • Company valuation/ peer group
    • IPO process with timetable
    • Assessment of stock exchange setting
    • Company presentation
    • Fact book/ exposé for banks
      • Market segment / stock market location
      • Bank beauty contest
      • Selection of banking syndicate
      • Selection of solicitor/ auditor/ IR
      • Due diligence
      • IPO prospectus
      • Book-building range
      • Investor meetings
      • Admissions committee
    • IPO
    • Permanent Investor Relations
    • Communication with investors

    As your professional IPO advisor, KP TECH manages and coordinates the IPO process for you. This speeds up the IPO process and we negotiate more favourable conditions for you with the banks. You concentrate on business operations and ensure that plans are more than met – we take care of many things for you during the IPO process and, thanks to our corporate finance consulting, you profit in the form of lower IPO costs and rapid, professional implementation of the IPO.