More than 25 years of experience worldwide – in Germany for more than 17 years – 600 transactions worldwide – 60 transactions in the German-speaking area

Within the Group 600 transactions have been closed in the past 25 years and for 60 transactions either the buyer or seller was a German company. The volume of these transactions lies within the range of € 1 million and € 200 million. In the years 2013 to 2019 KP TECH successfully completed 25 transactions in the German-speaking area with a total volume of more than € 200 million. Over the longer term on average more than 50% of our transactions are cross-border deals, i.e. either the buyer or the seller comes from a country other than Germany. Our global footprint means that we are able to make professional contacts and conduct corporate finance transactions together with our partners in Europe and North America.

Selected clients


Selected transactions

We will let you know more reference clients within a face-to-face meeting.

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Selected clients within the Group


Selected transactions within the Group

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